How To Attract Clients And Earn Money As A Photographer

by Mark Bailey

Do you want to be a photographer? These days, it is no longer enough to be good at what you do and spend all of your time honing your craft and taking beautiful pictures. Now more than ever, photographers need to be thinking outside of the box when it comes to creating a successful career; competition is fierce, and a good business strategy is a must.

Taking Action: Turning Photography Into A Career

Before we go any further, stop comparing yourself to other photographers like David Dooley , regardless of how similar their style is or how well they’re doing. Photography is an incredibly personal pastime, and the shots that you take matter to you for any number of reasons. If you’re disheartened by a perceived lack of success or by the wealth and success of others, it is time to do something about it. While shouldering your way through the competition and putting yourself out there might seem like huge steps, they are necessary ones if you want to have any hope of turning your passion into a successful career. It’s time to approach your photography career from an entirely different angle.

Get Creative

As a photographer, this first tip will probably be music to your ears. Do you need any more excuse to embrace your creative side? Passion for your craft is infectious, and it can inspire potential clients to choose you over anyone else. Don’t just take pictures; project a little of your personality into each one. Once you have worked out who your photography appeals to and created your brand, remain true to yourself.

Don’t Wait For Clients To Come To You

Sorry, introverts, but you’re going to have to put yourself out there if you want to attract clients and earn a decent living from your images. While you could spend hours setting up a website, writing a blog, and honing your craft, little good will come from your efforts if no one is checking in. Use special promotions and discount codes to create a buzz around your business, and ensure that clients know they’ll be paying for an experience rather than a handful of half-hearted shots. It is important to let your images do the talking, but don’t be afraid to sell yourself.

Make Your Photography Accessible

Unless you intend to create niche photography, it’s important to make your work accessible, which means thinking carefully about branding and marketing, creating a clean website that is easy to navigate, and maintaining an up-to-date portfolio that demonstrates your capabilities. Consider the benefits of an online booking system and contact form. Clients are far more likely to approach you if they are able to do so at a time and pace that suits them. Now might also be a good time to think about invoicing, as you’ll want every aspect of your business approach to reflect your brand. You can get a free invoice template from a professional site such as, which will remove any stress from the business side of your photography venture.

Embrace Social Media

Social media is a vital part of everyday life, whether people are using it for personal or business use. In fact, there is a good chance that hundreds of your potential clients are logging on and checking their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts as we speak. You need to make such platforms work for you. Social media is the modern equivalent of word of mouth, so engage with clients and encourage them to like, share, and comment on your posts. You will also want to get to grips with tagging, regularly posting relevant content, and responding to comments. Could you run a competition for your clients? Consider offering a free photo shoot to the winner, with discounts for all entrants.

Take The Professional Approach

You love taking photographs and capturing moments, but you’re going to need to embrace the administrative aspects if you want to attract clients and make money. Consider your brand and invest in professional business cards, a website, and email address that will reflect your photographic approach and style. Do you already have a website? While it may be utterly gorgeous and a true reflection of your talents as a photographer, do you know how to make that site work for you? Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is vital for those fighting their corner in a saturated market, so be sure to seek the advice of an online marketing specialist.

Keep Your Contacts Close

The people we meet and the interactions we experience go a long way toward shaping the kind of business we operate and our successes or failures. It’s not enough to meet a client once any more; make sure their details are always close at hand for follow-up promotions and opportunities. You will also want to explore the avenues of collaboration, introducing yourself to businesses that might require your services. Where are your potential clients likely to notice you? How can you and other local businesses help one another?

Your approach to your photography business should be as personal as the shots you take. While we can offer extensive guidance regarding the ways you can attract clients and earn money, it’s up to you how you handle such advice. After all, potential clients are going to see straight through you if your heart is not really in it. Choose a few of these ideas that appeal to you, and aim to integrate them with your existing business plan if you have one. Photography is a rewarding career if you’re prepared to put the work in, but don’t ever lose that passion.

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