Photography: Project Management Tips To Get More Done

by Mark Bailey

Most photographers are familiar with the hydra-headed monster that is called time management. You have to balance the demands of meeting clients’ needs (which could involve travels), process images and getting them ready, sourcing for new clients as well as seeking new tips and inspiration to improve your photography skills. Throw in the demands of family and it is easy to see why many photographers default on delivery times. This piece takes a look at trusted tips that can help you to better manage projects overall.

Designate Business Hours

This is important for both part-time and full-time photographers. When you have business hours, you will be able to achieve more during these times. Clients can contact you during this period and you would work on delivering photography projects at this time. This removes the possibility of distractions or working at periods that are less than optimal (translates to shoddy jobs or procrastination).

Never Take on More than Necessary

If you have 20 hours free in a week, divide projects across these times in the most efficient way possible. Think about grouping projects in one location on the same day and back-to-back. Always factor in travel time before accepting any photography projects. Consider presenting the option of bringing the photoshoot to your location and do not take on a project before you have carefully considered the time implications. You won’t magically have spare time!

Delegate Tasks Where Necessary

As your photography business grows, you have no option but to delegate tasks if you need to improve efficiency. Think of delegating tasks like your graphic design needs and hiring people to help with setting up shooting sessions and editing. This allows you to contribute your quota to the growth of young careers whilst keeping your sanity and using your time for the things that matter, which is offering your clients top quality work.

Stay Organised

When you are not organised, you can end up forgetting schedules, clients you are supposed to contact or where you are with projects.  If you are having problems with staying organised and remembering everything you need to do, use external solutions like Team Week to manage your time and duties. Such applications can allow you to schedule tasks by order of priority, including expected completion time. If you are able to quickly see what you are supposed to do at a time in a glance, there is a higher chance of delivering on schedule. You will no longer feel choked.

Specialise or Increase Prices

Every photographer knows when they are at this stage. You have done all that you can but it simply doesn’t look like you are making any headway in trying to keep up with balancing work and life. At this point, consider specialising in either being a wedding photographer, fashion photographer, a photographer for seniors or other options. If specialisation isn’t viable, consider increasing your prices. Shooting less and getting paid the same amount or more should be your goal when increasing your prices.

With these tips, you can begin to see improvements in your project management.

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