Things You Shouldn’t Believe About Porcelain Veneers

by Mark Bailey

In the past, people usually went to the dentist IF they had a problem and continued to live with their not very healthy looking teeth. However, as time went by, thankfully the importance of getting your teeth checked has been understood and most people now go for check ups every 6 months. Naturally the importance of aesthetics has risen. People now not only want straight teeth but they also want them white as possible.

With teeth whitening, this can be achieved but it isn’t permanent. So it needs to be done more than once. For people who want permanent white and straight teeth, porcelain veneers are suggested. But nowadays because there is so much “information” unless you are a dentist, you may not know what is true, and what isn’t true. 

  • They break very easily: People obviously think of plates or figures when they are saying this. Because the porcelain in the veneers is a lot stronger than many think. The “Porcelain” means colour and not strength. Research shows that, even 10 years later 9 out of 10 veneers are still in the mouth without any damage. So unless the quality is bad or you got it done at a dodgy place, they won’t break easily.
  • The beautiful look is temporary: Many think this because they think the teeth will have stains. Because of the glossy coat they have, veneers don’t keep stains on them. 
  • Caring for them is hard: This also is a belief that is wrong. Veneers are not hard to look after. People should just brush and floss like before. 
  • It hurts to get them done and to have them in your mouth: Teeth naturally need to be prepared for veneers, and to be able to do this, the dentist will need to remove some of the tooth. It isn’t a lot though and patients don’t feel anything because their mouth is numbed by local anaesthesia. Also, some patients say that they are scared that the sensitivity level of their teeth will go up after getting veneers. However, a lot of patients don’t have any sensitivity afterwards. 
  • Food choices will be limited: This also is a very common belief and it isn’t true. Yes there are things maybe you shouldn’t just bite into. But these are ice cubes and nutshells. Apart from that, there is no reason for patients not to eat whatever they want as long as it isn’t hard as a rock.
  • They look fake: If you are going to a good dentist, that dentist will make sure that the veneers you get will suit your mouth and face and therefore your veneers won’t look fake. Of course if you choose a colour that is extremely white then people will know you got something done or if you insist on having strangely shaped veneers, then yes, it will look fake. However, if you go to a proper dentist, your veneers won’t look fake and only you will know that you have them. 
  • I won’t have an original smile: For an original smile, the veneers need to be done according to your smile, shape of your mouth and face. If it isn’t done like that and if the exact copy of another set of veneers are put in your mouth, then yes you won’t have an original smile. However, a good dentist doesn’t do that and makes sure that the veneers will look right according to your mouth and face. Therefore you will have an original smile, just make sure that you go to a proper dentist. 

Obviously dentists cost. Getting the smile you have dreamt of for years may seem far far away. However, nowadays a lot of people are going abroad because the prices are better. Porcelain veneers turkey are very popular because of the quality and the price. When you compare prices between the USA and the EU, porcelain veneer prices in Turkey are really affordable. So, if you really want a better smile at an affordable cost, why not give it a go?


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