The Top Digital Entertainment Accelerators of Canada

by dcadmin

What do a platform for live, professional interactive content, a personalized learning channel for children and vision-guided camera motion control system have in common? For cohort 4 of ideaBOOST, the CFC’s next-gen business accelerator, they are amongst the eleven digital entertainment products that have been selected.

This time around, we received a record-number of submissions that have been ranked and reviewed by our panel of industry jurors and they have compiled a list of eleven selected nominations, reviewed below.

On November 3rd, 2014 the final round of judging will conclude with six finalists green-lit to take part in the top digital entertainment accelerator of Canada.


Dynamic cinematography is now possible with the SHIFT, which is a vision guided camera motion control system.

The capabilities of robotics and computer vision are brought to cinematography by Perceptiv Labs. Their very first product is a vision-guided subject tracing module that will interfere with current motorized drones and gimbals.


Changio has been created with mobile technologies, location-aware, social, on-the-go, second screen, in-store and it is the first next-generation coalition virtual currency media rewards program. It has been designed to reward, inspire and connect consumers for engaging with their preferred brands (Retailers and CPG) and Content (Movies and/or TV); to drive loyalty, ongoing engagement and impulse purchases.


Kidobi is a mobile application and website for every child that creates a personalized learning channel. By delivering the right content, at the right time, to the right child, it provides a guilt-free break for preschoolers’ parents. You can think of it like Khan Academy meets Pandora on Sesame Street.


For offline access, MBLOK is designing a smart memory device that seeks to personalize Cloud and VPN.

It not only replaces multiple storage devices with one but it also eliminates the need for internet. For quick access, on MBLOK cloud files or VPN are automatically backed up. Whether it is a PC, iPad tablet or Blackberry smartphone, on all of your devices you can view files wirelessly. You shouldn’t ever again worry about bad internet connection.


A story to educate or inspire, is the most powerful tool. Our modern form of storytelling is online video. OneStory enables you to ask a question and receive in return terrific mini-documentary responses with no editing.


Natively sponsored video and audio appears, driving virality and engagement for advertisers. Regardless of the streaming service, for user’s favorite content there’s one personalized library.

SlimCut Media

SlimCut is a platform designed for publishers to monetize, better understand and engage their audiences.

By drawing readers to a site, SlimCut Media offers a solution via a loyalty program that in exchange for watching advertisements offers free content. The platform increases website metrics by rewarding reader engagement, boosts direct payment and drives advertising revenue.

Stage TEN

Stage TEN is a platform to make interactive, live and professional content. From any web-connected camera with pre-produced segments, it can mix, switch and preview live video feeds, because it’s a TV control room web app.


VUBBLE is a pubic media for the next generation. It is a one-of-a-kind discovery platform that shows you videos you didn’t know you needed to see and gives you the best video you need to see now. It disrupts and employs algorithm technology, utilizing it to produce compelling, personalized content experiences and beyond a user’s familiar feed in reverse to surface content, disrupting it by putting algorithmic technology.


Wriber is a software platform that allows to easily create an awesome content. The software shows you how to tweak and expand your content as you type via intelligent suggestions, all in real-time dynamically generated. You can write original content with Wriber up to 50% faster, be more targeted and engaging for your audiences.


Through custom and products solutions built on a patent pending and award winning speech based semantic computing platform, Yactraq monetizes video and audio data. In order to enable entirely new product and market categories they use machine learning mass customization techniques via their customers who use our main platform to affordably and accurately mine or search millions of hours of TV/Radio, Phone Calls or Web Videos content at orders of magnitude underneath current market costs.

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