Canon EOS 5DS R

by Mark Bailey

The Canon EOS 5DS R is an addition to the EOS 5D range. It is one of the two 50MP cameras- the 5DS and 5DSR launched by Canon in 2015. It is a high resolution full frame model that is such a delight for stills photographers.

It possesses a self-cancelling filter which is what differentiates it from the ‘S’ model- the ‘S’ model possesses an optical low pass.

The Canon EOS 5DS R has a  50MP CMOS sensor, dual Digic 6 processors, minimum ISO 100(50ext), Maximum ISO 6400(12,800 ext),a self-cancelling filter, a 3.0 USB port, a maximum frame rate of 5fps, 61 point AF module with input from  150k metering sensor, a built in intervalometer capable of creating a 1080/30p video.

The Optical viewfinder is clear and bright. The brightness of the LCD can be controlled automatically or manually. You may never have to use the manual option except you are in an extreme light condition.

There is also the flicker detection that allows the camera’s continuous shooting to be synchronized and only takes a picture at the brightest moments, making the images have consistent exposure.

The Cannon 5DS R produces 65-70MB of M RAW and S RAW files at full resolution. This makes it consume a lot of data, making it absolutely necessary to get extra memory space. Don’t despair yet, It can also capture 28MP MRAW and 12MP SRAW files, and JPEGS, or crop into the sensor for x1.6 and x1.3 crop styles.

The Canon 5DS R has 61-point autofocus with 41 cross-type points and 5 double-cross-type points which makes it more accurate when used with fast lenses. It also uses clever algorithms to recognise objects and faces, for extra accuracy.

You can also pick groups of either five or nine focus points rather than a single one, just adding to what is a terrific AF system.

The secondary autofocus is also reasonably fast when you switch to the Live View but it isn’t as quick as the standard focus style. The Canon 5DS R still finds its mark within a second while being used under really poor light.

There is no space for headphones or HDMIs clearly sending the message that this camera isn’t aimed at video shoots. Its 5fps also makes it not suited for shooting action. Wi-Fi and NFC are also absent compared to similar products made by Sony or Samsung.

It is perfect for shooting Landscapes, weddings and studio photographs.

The Custom Quick Control screen makes adjustments very easy and manageable. Giving the user the power to adjust type, dimensions and positions of pictograms. The Canon 5DS R presents the user with an option to have a personalised menu screen, giving you the opportunity to design a layout that fits you perfectly.

This option is one you will love as a photographer, giving you that itch to take even more amazing pictures. However if you are not much of a geek, you may do just fine with the standard Quick menu which is pretty amazing by itself.


Incredible resolution and sharpness

Optical low pass filter for sharper image

There is allowance for images with smaller megapixels to be taken depending on one’s need

Weather resistant body


No space provided for headphones jack, making it not suited for audio recordings and thus affecting the video shooting quality

AutoFocus speed is comparable to consumer-level DSLRs

No Wifi, NFC or GPS.

Impressive shooting speed

Energy Saving, it can take up to 700shots on a charge, add a battery grip and it doubles that.

The Canon 5DS R first became available for sale in June 2015, it has since been priced at an MSRP of around £3000 (body only).

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