Figuring Out The Right GoPro Accessory For Priceless Shots

by Mark Bailey

The advent of cameras has opened a lot of possibilities, including the ability to take rare photos and videos even while underwater. There are plenty of rugged video options anyone can consider, the choice of which depends on one’s budget. But for folks who want to play it safe, GoPro is a brand that stands out.

Known to be one of the more reliable cameras one can consider, GoPro is the best choice for folks who are looking for quality shots and videos. It is the sane choice for anyone looking for a rugged and waterproof camera that can capture flawless videos and high-resolution photos. Among the features their camera line has to offer include voice control and live streaming – all packed in a compact device.

All one has to do is purchase one and dunk under water to start their photo and/ or video capturing escapades. But similar to the traditional cameras, folks who have them are looking for something to deliver the best quality will need some aid in the form of accessories. There are several useful pieces to check.


There are plenty of must-have go pro accessories that anyone can consider. For travelers, the ultimate choice to get is the Go Pro Travel Kit. This package includes a Shorty (a mini extension pole and a tripod), a sleeve/ lanyard and a compact case. It is compatible with most HERO cameras, and something that camera owners will find handy – especially when they want to take stable shots anywhere.

For those who are looking for more, the Adventure Kit should be an ideal alternative. It is an ideal choice for folks who love to go biking or snorkeling. Making up this package is a Handler (a floating hand grip), a head strap and quick clip. These are mounts that will come in handy for people who want to take the best shots in the outdoors.

There is also the Sports Kit for the ones who take it to the extreme. It includes a Chesty (performance chest mount), a handlebar, rubber inserts (large and small), a compact case, a vertical mounting bike, and a thumb screw. The chesty is something that should come in handy, one that helps position the camera for people who want to capture the scenery in front of them. If not, the handlebar or seapost should suffice.

While all these kits are handy, be reminded that the items comprising each can be purchased separately. Also, it would be best to avoid using accessories that are not authentic from GoPro.

Other essential accessories

Like most gadgets of today, one needs to also consider getting spare batteries and chargers to make sure that the camera is up and running at all times. Rechargeable batteries and chargers are available and priced reasonably.

Another must-have for Go Pro camera owners is the Floaty. It is easy to use and something that keeps the camera afloat. It was designed to add further protection to Go Pro cameras and even includes easy access to the shutter button. There is also an adhesive anchor and camera tether included for added security that comes in handy during extreme conditions.

For the folks who love to take selfies, there is also a GoPro stick to consider. There is an official 3-Way made for GoPro, an extendable arm that can also double as a tripod. It comes with a comfortable grip, making it an ideal choice for folks who want shots underwater or even when windsurfing or wakeboarding.

Most of the accessories mentioned are for complimenting folks who want to take great shots in the outdoors. One other essential need is a memory card to make sure that one does not run out of space. With most expected to want high-resolution photos or videos, expect the cards to fill up fast. Hence, it would be best to have a spare in tow to avoid having to transfer or even delete photos to make room.

There are plenty of accessories for GoPro cameras and it will depend on the owner on which among them is needed. It would be best to figure out first one’s passion and itinerary and then decide which kit or accessory is suited for one’s need.

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