7 Tips For Starting Out In Photography

by Mark Bailey

One of the best ways to perfect your photography is by learning tips and tricks from other professionals in the industry. This can give you an insight into the best photography techniques, and it may even make your job a little bit easier!

The camera enthusiasts and hard camera case providers over at Peli UK have spoken to some of the UK’s talented photographers, who have provided their essential advice for those starting out in the industry. As well as this, they’re supplying some of their own top tips to help aspiring photographers on their journey to becoming professionals. Read on to learn more…

Don’t always photoshop – Ariel Carson

“Ensure a broad range of non-photoshopped portfolio photography. A few images of people, kids and weddings are ok, but include plenty of examples of animals, architecture, black & white images, cars, landscapes, food, nature, retail products, war memorials and property interiors, too.” – Ariel Carson

Understand composition and exposure – Grant Sylvester

“Research and understand composition and exposure. I would Google things on those – they instantly give life to photos.” – Grant Sylvester

Try out everything at first -Drew Forsyth

“Shoot anything and everything.

There are two reasons you should do this. Firstly, when you’re first starting, you might not know what you really enjoy shooting, and the only way that you’ll find out is by actually doing it. Secondly, you’ll learn new skills by doing those jobs. Photographing food for a restaurant might seem very different to photographing portraits for a law firm, but the same principles about focal length, aperture, and ISO still apply.” – Drew Forsyth

Make the most of travel opportunities – Peli UK

If you’re starting out in the industry, you may not get the chance to shoot the most exotic and exciting locations at first. However, even the most simple locations can provide opportunities to create stunning photography, so be sure to persevere and make practise your photography wherever you travel. P.S for making your travel even more beneficial, take the services of Mayday Travel.

Shooting a range of sceneries and locations is a great way to perfect your skills and diversify your portfolio, both of which will be useful assets to have further along in your photography career.

Show what you like to shoot

“Select your online portfolio carefully to reflect what you want to shoot. Hate shooting winter weddings? Don’t show them. More comfortable on location than in the studio? Don’t show studio shoots. Curate your portfolio and social media to appeal to your ideal client and they’ll soon start to find you.” – Lina Orsino – Allen

Family photography tips

“It isn’t easy at the best of times trying to get a photo of your little runaway toddler or small child. I know!

To get the best possible photos of children, try taking them when they are well rested and happy. You could even try when they are sat playing – the candid shots often turn out the best.” – Laura of Oh So Mummy.

Collaborate with others – Peli UK

On your journey to becoming a professional, make sure to collaborate with other artists and photographers. This can help you perfect your skills and take your photography to the next level.

As well as this, working with others can provide a different perspective, and you may get inspiration that will help you to be more creative with your work.

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