How to create high-impact news style photos

by dcadmin

How often have you heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, it remains true, regardless of how many times it’s repeated. Pictures are powerful and your duty as a photographer is to capture this power on film.

High-impact photos inspire a reaction in readers. Think of all the iconic photos you’ve seen. These could be the recent photos of the Brussels Airport bombing or those of the blizzard that hit the mid-Atlantic and parts of the US East Coast in early 2016. They could even be pictures of colours flying during the Holi Festival in India, or a simple photo of a dog lying next to his injured owner. These photos are memorable to readers because they cause an emotional reaction. That is the power of photography.

A truly high-impact photo will cause the audience to cry, laugh, cringe or sit in quiet contemplation. Such photos can be raw, stark and emotional. They can shock, motivate and shake people out of their comfort zones. Above all, they can never be dull or forgettable.

Media companies such as Louise Blouin Media are continuously looking for such pictures. They are looking for incredible and creative photos that inspire, educate and leave an impact on readers. If you want to pursue a career in photography, these are the kinds of photos that will help you make your mark. Yours is to find a new way of stretching and firing up your creativity to capture fascinating photos. Present such photos in front of media houses, art galleries and other employers and they are sure to be noticed. If you want to learn more about Louise Blouin Media and the sort of work they do, their website is quite enlightening.

The following tips can help you go about creating high-impact photos:

Be alert.

First off, you need to be alert to your surroundings. Always carry your camera with you, as you don’t know when the perfect moment might present itself. Pay attention to what’s around you when you’re out and about. Even relatively common occurrences can surprise you with their inherent beauty.

Focus on what you want to convey.

What message do you want your photo to send? Most important of all, what is your subject in the shot? Focus on the subject, their gestures, movements and expressions, and find what fascinates you about them, then try to capture it.dcmag2

Play around with lighting and angles.

In order to capture dynamic photos, you have to find new ways of presenting what is normally seen as commonplace. The trick is to fiddle around with the lighting, shadows, colours and details of the subject. Instead of taking the normal shots with the tripod or camera at shoulder height, experiment with a different angle. Try getting down on the ground and shooting upwards, or look for a way to elevate yourself above the subject. This will create a different and interesting perspective.

Remember the rule of thirds.

You can capture fascinating shots by using the rule of thirds. This is a technique where you draw imaginary lines through your viewfinder, breaking the image into thirds, both vertically and horizontally. You can then play around with different subject placements in any of the resultant intersecting planes. Where you finally position your subject will depend on the story you want your image to tell.

Be creative and imaginative.

As a photographer, the onus is on you to be as creative and imaginative as possible in your photographs. Test out different ways of creating mood and presenting your subjects and your photos will have an impact on readers.

Other than that, never lose your love for photography and don’t be afraid to let your personality, humour and unique perspective on life shine through your photos.

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