Inizio by Robert MacNeil

by dcadmin

Inizio came about one day when I was honestly bored shooting, as I sat waiting for my fashion models to change I began to stare at a flower beside me. One thing I have always tried to capture is the fluidity in nature, be it fluids or the female form I saw the beautiful lines within the detail of this flower. The hunt began to look for the right flower then hundreds of hours tweaking them to make them feel like everything from black holes, a womb, living organisms with cells to even more colourful flowers. As I spent many years in the Italian bicycle industry Inizio means the Beginning, and I felt these images are the beginning of a new step in my photographic career. They changed everything for me as they have been published all over the world, exhibited in 7 countries and continue to mesmerize people. ( and yes you can rotate the images anyway you want, there is no right way to face them)
Thank you for looking.

Robert MacNeil – Photographer
PH: 416-885-3833

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