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Selfies” or self-portrait photos are huge on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Sharing where you have been and what you are doing with your followers and friends has become instantaneous, easy and fun.

However, there’s no need for self-portraits to be shaky instant shots captured by your smartphone. Self-portraits have been taken seriously, since the earliest days of photography, as a way of practicing techniques, improving camera skills and expressing a photographer’s creativity.

In 1839, one of the first photos ever taken of a human in fact produced on a daguerreotype plate was the own face of early photographer Robert Cornelius.

Now, the majority of photography students are regularly given self-portrait coursework and tasks, because it is a great way for them to improve their skills. It might seem a bit scary to prepare and capture a shot of yourself, but our six easy-to-set-up and simple self-portraits are the perfect way to begin.

Apart from your tripod, a kit lens and a DSLR, you don’t need anything else. However, as you will need in advance to carefully compose your photos, the use of tripod is essential, because in front of the camera you will need the freedom to move about.

Wireless remote makes shooting and focusing a whole lot easier, when you wish to take a self-portrait from a distance. If you haven’t got one, don’t worry too much, because we have got the necessary information on how to take shots with an intervalometer and a self-timer instead.

Are you ready to attend the Selfie School? In this article, we are going to have a look at how to take an easy monochrome headshot, which by the way is perfect for a CV, some more untraditional self-portraits that include weird angles, props and other innovative ideas and some crazy ideas for Facebook profiles that are better than the rest.

Shoot your Reflection

In order for photographers to take self-portraits, shots taken in a mirror are a great way. Additionally, composition and focusing are easy, because you can see what you are trying to capture. In order for the camera logo to read the right way, in post-processing flip the last image horizontally.

Get Up and Go Outside

Pull yourself together and go outside to take a natural photo in full-length in a garden or park. It might be a bit frightening to take a picture of yourself in public, so you should invite a friend to come with you for support. However, remember not to allow them to touch the shutter button, because if they do it, you can say goodbye to your self-portrait. Lean towards the camera and try different poses and tilt your body sideways for a relaxed, natural portrait.

Faceless Portrait

There hasn’t been a rule that say a self-portrait must include your face. You should try and take a portrait of one part of your body. If you prefer to stand behind the lens instead of the front, this is a great technique. You can also take a shot of your foot in the environment or take a close-up of one eye.

Go Wide

Revive your Facebook profile with a wild-angle, cartoony and fun shot. For this, you should use a kit lens but the distortion will be much more pronounced if you can get your hands on a wide-angle lens. In order for the effect to work, the camera has to be relatively close to your face so you can take the shot handheld.

Traditional Headshot

It is really useful to have a formal, simple monochrome headshot photo. Additionally, it’s the perfect solution for a business website, LinkedIn profile and a CV. With your camera on a tripod in front of you, stand or sit in front of a plain wall. In order to illuminate one side of your face you can use a handheld Manfrotto LED light, but it would work just as well if you use natural light from a window.

Use Props

You can be as innovative and creative as you wish, because you are completely in charge and that’s the beauty of self-portraits. Think about different ways to express your personality- maybe you could incarnate a favorite hobby or film. Comedy glasses, hats and face paints are all great examples how to transform your look and bring a sense of humor to your selfie.

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