Black Friday 2018: Product Photography Tips to Boost your Conversions

by Mark Bailey

Black Friday has always been known as one of the biggest holiday sales in the market. Many people anticipate it every year, even enduring waiting in line to their favourite shop’s entrance. Which is why online stores are making extra preparations for it – uploading promo ads, stocking new items, and posting new photos of their products.

Photos have the potential to turn your casual site browsers into customers. The better the size and quality of your store photos, the more customers it can attract to buying your products. This just shows how powerful photos are in the online market. Presenting your product through photos makes all the difference.

If you want to learn about product photography, keep reading! You just might be surprised by the tips and ideas you can gain, be it lighting or apps you can use for your shoot.

Show another side of your product

Having said that better quality of your product photos attracts more customers, it is always important to present your product in the best light possible. This means highlighting the good content of your products.

Showing emotion through your photos can help boost the sales of the product. For example, how a person looks with the use of your product. Does it create an ambience of confidence? Would it make the user’s experience look more accessible or more convenient?

Additionally, when creating a feel for the product, this also involves putting the product in a suitable environment. Showcasing the product in situations that it can showcase the worth of the customer’s money can greatly appeal to the buyer.

Lastly and most importantly, letting the customer see the product in full detail can help them have a concrete idea of what they are buying. It makes the customer trust the retailer if they are allowed full disclosure of all the product parts. You can also get creative in presenting your product by using different lighting techniques or showing different angles.

Remember that product photos are an investment

Having high-quality images of your product should be the best investment you have for your online market. You can employ a photographer to get the job done, or you can opt to the cheaper way by doing it yourself with this simple product photography guide. Either way, you are sure to invest time and skills for the job, and it will all be worth it when you see its effect on your buyers.

You don’t need an uber-expensive camera

There is no need to buy a high-end camera for product photography. You can opt to ask your friend to lend you their high-end camera, or you can buy one yourself.  There are a lot of camera options in the market that can get you the quality of the photos you want without breaking the bank. You can use your mobile phone since you only need image quality that does not blur or distort the product. Newly released smartphones can also control the exposure and brightness of the product environment.

Post your product on social media

Social media is a significant avenue to present your product. You can post your product in social media to reach a wider audience and gain more publicity. With this, you need to post photos that would engage the audience into seeing more about your products. However, posting on social media is a lot different from posting pictures on your product website. You need to adhere to certain image dimensions to maximize the posting. This social media cheat sheet can guide you in posting the right size of your product image on social media.

Offer a sneak peek for your customers

Since Black Friday is one of the biggest holidays when products have price markdowns and cuts, you can opt to offer a sneak peek of the deals you have for your products. This means putting out teasers on what your customers can anticipate on your Black Friday Sale. Make them excited, and be sure to let them know when the sale starts.

Keep an Eye on Image Files Sizes

Make sure that the files sizes of your images are compatible with your website. There will be a constant connection between the load time of the page, and the image quality that is being loaded. You need to observe and maintain the standard load time to determine if you need a lower image file size of the product photos. Page load time can greatly affect the customers’ willingness to buy your products. It should always be convenient for them to browse it whether they are on a laptop or surfing through their mobile phones.

Don’t be afraid of editing

Making sure your photos are consistent with the colours they express is crucial to your branding which is why photo editing is highly encouraged. If you want to make sure your photos present the cohesion you need for your brand, then be sure to correct them by using photo editing software. You can also match the tone of your product collection with the season.

Be consistent with your theme

Throughout the whole article, it has always been a point to create a consistent image of your brand. It is important enough to make it a tip on its own.

Whatever you may be doing in the image of your brand — whether it be tweeting, posting details, or messaging a customer, it should always be done align with your branding. Especially on the website, having a consistent feel to your customers is necessary so that your brand is established with them. If you are a skincare company that uses neutral colours with pastel undertones, you cannot use images that are high in contrast.


Make sure you’re ready for the big day. Black Friday is just around the corner and many of your customers will be watching out for your newest promos, and next big product collection. What better way to do that than by applying those tips? Product photography will always be a crucial factor in gaining conversions since it makes all the difference when the customer is able to trust your brand. By building your brand image through your photos, it can guarantee you that customers will surely trust the quality and service of the brand.

If you want to explore what other options you can boost your website sales, this e-commerce conversion guide can help you further in improving your conversion e-commerce conversion rate.

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