How to live stream a wedding ceremony?

by Mark Bailey

It is your special day. You are going to tie a knot with someone who will always stay by your side. You want to remember this day as something more than just an ancient tradition. You want to do everything to make this day memorable for you and your better half. You might also consider a destination wedding on a far-flung location to jazz up the event.

However, life is unpredictable and so are its circumstances. There could be uncountable situations when some of your close inner circles might miss the wedding in person. Appreciate the technology, because there are many ways using which you can have your near ones by your side even if they are not present in person. Live streaming is one of them and probably the most accessible of all.

Why would you want to live stream your wedding?

With what that was available to offer, technology has always left a mark in the wedding ceremonies from time to time. Be it wedding photography, photo booths, Pre-marriage shoot, drone videography, there has always been something special available for the weddings. Live streaming a wedding is the new trend. It has made to the context because of the real-time coverage and broadcasting of the events, offering much more than a traditional wedding video shoot.

  • It comes as a boon when someone from your family or inner circle falls ill and cannot travel to your wedding destination, or cannot afford to attend in person because of any random reason.
  • It entices millions of people when public figures, celebrities, social media influencers, sports stars or politicians, share their special moment with their followers in the real-time.
  • You may want to share your moment with your marine brother, who is currently on a post and cannot come for the wedding.
  • The ability to share this moment with your loved ones adds the personal and emotional touch to the tech and this is what that makes it so special.

How to live stream your wedding?

You can implement the live streaming of your wedding in the two possible ways: Hire the professional services or Do it by yourself.

Hiring professionals:

Once you are certain about your decision to live stream your wedding event, hire a video streaming service that would take care of everything. They would have professionals who can manage the setup, required equipment, and everything else for the live event. There are services who offer a one-stop solution for the whole requirements. They would prepare a professional grade set up covering everything from best camera positions to expert camerapersons.

They possess the best tech for-

  • HD video quality of the live streaming
  • No or lower latency in the broadcast
  • High-quality audio feed
  • Multiple cameras covering everything in real-time.

Doing it yourself:

If you want to DIY, you have many options to choose from. Depending on your requirement and privacy of the live stream, you can go for any of the following methods:

Social media streaming

The cheapest and most accessible way to live stream your wedding is to choose the social media applications as medium. You can utilize the live streaming features of Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Twitch or Snapchat. The mobile applications of all these platforms offer the facility to go live in just a few clicks.

The social media route is suitable for –

Streamers who can manage with the average video quality. Due to high latency and internet traffic, social media platforms generally produce average to poor video quality. We would recommend using them as the last alternative if you cannot manage to get a superior solution.

In addition, use social media, when you are streaming for a personal access, not like celebs who stream for at least millions of followers.

PS: If you decide to use social media alone and not the next option listed below, then go for Periscope, as it can live stream the feeds directly from your Go-Pro camera. It would produce a comparatively better quality of the stream.

Dedicated live streaming solutions

There is an alternate solution to the social media streaming- a dedicated live streaming solution. Undoubtedly, social media live streaming is free and instant, but it is also true that these platforms do a lot more than just live streaming. Due to that, there is always congestion, ultimately affecting the quality of the stream, even with the high-speed internet. Moreover-

  • You cannot do a peer to peer streaming, in case you do not want to make your stream public.
  • You will not possess the right; the video becomes an intellectual property of the platform.
  • You will not have a control over stream quality; it’s totally network dependent.
  • Tech support is not up to the mark for a free service.

Therefore, if you think that social media streaming is not adequate for streaming a valuable moment like wedding ceremony, you can go for a professional-grade solution to avoid all the above drawbacks and offer the best quality stream to your loved ones. You can use any of the professional-grade live streaming software like DaCast or StreamHash to get the following benefits:

  • White label service- where the video will be your own property and no one else can claim it.
  • Complete privacy of the stream, as you can make your stream private and allow only selected people to watch it.
  • They provide 24X7-tech support for installation and operation of the software.
  • As they are dedicated, they produce negligible or no latency at all in the live stream.
  • You can enjoy HD quality streaming with clear audio via top-tier Content Delivery Network.

Whether you are streaming for a single person or a group of followers, you would not want to ruin the experience with the poor quality of the stream. There is always an emotional attachment with the events like a wedding. You can best serve these emotions by streaming in the finest video qualities using the handpicked solutions explained in this article. So focus on creating an impression and make the wedding memorable for everyone, even for those who could not attend it physically.

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