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by dcadmin

God doesn’t want anyone to have as much data as we do. Now more than ever, we have enough talent in us. Into our ecosystem, we have enough money invested than ever before. Like never before, we have our senior executives involved.

However the end product of all that is far away from where it has to be and in most cases we stink less. We are not doing anything in our power with all this leadership support, money, talent and data.

For instance, let’s examine Zappos. It is quite functional, because you can buy anything you want if you know what you want. However the buying experience should not be anything like a stay at a Motel 6. I want to purchase a $1,845 Just Cavalli dress. The page is not inspiring me to do so, because the description is something like this- apart from the dress you might also like the Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish for $63and the $50 Converse shoe. “Just Cavalli S04CT0255N36734” is even the title of the page. Outrageous!

Open your Internet browser and go through different web pages. You will find little to no inspiration in terms of exploring your next fashion choices. Think of when and why you go to Zappos, even for shoes.

Zappos has great customer service and very good return conditions. Because of that, they have millions of customers. However, if they decide to step up to the Four Seasons or Hilton, provided that they do not want to have a Motel 6 experience anymore, would they still have so many customers?

Don’t get me wrong, Motel 6 is a good hotel chain because its serves an important purpose. But if you are Motel 6 and you are trying to run a hotel, it is expensive and difficult to raise everything up to the level of the Four Seasons or Hilton.

When it comes to digital, it is not a bad idea to try and aim higher, because it’s not that expensive. Bytes and bits are cheap.

The blog post play a very key role in the entire digital marketing strategy. My hope is to show a cluster of experience, each one doing something extraordinary in order to open your minds to new possibilities. Your mission is to accomplish the sacred combination of improving your bottom-line, creating delight in your customers and being unique.

Let’s take Gucci for instance. They already have a digital presence and it is checked of a box by someone at the company. Apart from Gucci, we can also have a look at Bare Necessities. If there is someone who can make something truly amazing with the assets that currently have they are the ones to look for.

We can do so much better.

This post has a compilation of seven strategies that I adore and love at the same time. My only goal is not only to inspire someone to be less terrible, but to become even better than he or she expected. I wish that someone to be able to create something truly amazing by taking into consideration the leadership support, money, talent and data.

Here are the seven strategies that will help you improve your digital experience:

  1. Use mobile experience in your digital marketing plan.
  2. Deliver simple and amazing personalization
  3. Focus your efforts on developing customer reviews.
  4. Create terrific buying experience.
  5. Whenever you are online, offline, maybe-line or later-line, try to be convertible.
  6. Accomplish with magnificent and innovative brand experiences.
  7. Create luscious and inspiring experiences.

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