Trend Alert: digital photo albums – the best new old thing

by Mark Bailey

Whether you are an experienced photographer or you are just getting your career started, you better watch out for this trend. Digital picture albums have been around for a while but lately, they’ve been taking over the online marketing world by storm, acquiring impressive improvements over the years. Take a look at why you mustn’t discredit online photo albums in your promotion strategy.

Creating a digital picture album can be pretty easy, especially if you are using a great online photo book maker. Why? There is a wide number of reasons that sustain our affirmation. Here are the most important ones.

Up to date content

Digital photo album books can be easily used in order to offer clients your pricing information and show off your skills as well. Remember when you used to print a photo album and then use it for the rest of the year…or maybe even more? Well, all that should be left in the past. Digital photo album makers allow you to update your information, pictures or content as often as you want. You can change pictures instantly or even create different albums for different target audiences, in a very short time (wait for it!)…for free.


Working with digital materials will actually save you a lot of time and money. Also, you can not only design digital photo albums, but an app like this can help you create materials that expose your work, which can later assist you with your promotion. Shareable flyers, flipbooks or tutorials. On top of all this, there’s the time factor that comes into play. E great photographer knows how important time management is. You need to divide your time between promoting yourself, finding new clients, editing photos and actual photo sessions or events. So why not load your pictures in a cool magazine looking online photo book?


Let’s say that I am looking for a photographer for my birthday party. None of my friends or family have any recommendations and I don’t know who to hire. What do I do? That’s right. I am going to Google it. Usually, if you are looking for something on Google, you are usually tempted to choose one of the first options displayed. If you are not placed in one of the first ranking positions, you need to work on this aspect. How? It’s simple! First, you add your location on Google Maps, then, you work on your SEO. Digital photo albums are SEO friendly. Add catchy descriptions with keywords that can help you rank better in searches.

Sharing is caring

This rule applies to your clients too. As long as you keep them engaged, they will keep coming back to you. Digital photo albums are very easy to share, either via email or on your social media channels. Moreover, they can be shared by your clients as well, and you don’t even have to invest in this.

Need we say more?

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And don’t forget! Keep calm and say cheese!

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