Is Video marketing Still Effective in 2019?

by Mark Bailey

Video has dominated the content marketing scene for the last few years, but will it still be as potent and as valid in 2019? Well, the answer is a resounding yes, and if anything, including video in your marketing budget this year is going to be even more important. Focusing on some of the reasons as to why that is expected should make things seem more relatable.

Consumers Prefer Video Content

According to the findings of research published on HubSpot, about 54% of the consumers are more interested in watching content in video format, as compared to any and all other types of marketing material. If the majority of your target audience prefers to have their marketing materials delivered to them in video format, who are you to disagree?

Video is More Successful in Bringing in Web Traffic

It has been estimated that in 2019, roughly 80% of the redirected web traffic will be brought in by video marketing content. As relevant web traffic generation is the objective of every online marketing campaign, excluding video is not even a feasible option in 2019.

Conversion Rates are Higher Too with Quality Video Content

It is one thing to bring in traffic, but entirely another to convert the leads into sales. Video content, once again, has a significant role to play here. Taking a detailed look at the statistics published by Forbes regarding the performance of video marketing, we can summarize a few key points.

  • If there are relevant and well-made videos on the landing pages, the conversion rates can go up by as much as 80%
  • About 90% of consumers rely on video content to make purchase decisions
  • 64% of consumers admitted to their tendency towards making a purchase if there is an associated video

However, in order for the video content to be convincing enough to convert, it has to be professionally made by a production team that knows what it is doing. Beverly Boys Productions is a popular name in the Miami video productions business as they have worked with multinational brands as big as Taco Bell and Airbnb with amazing success. They don’t just make videos for the big names, though, because this production house can effectively work with budgets as low as $1,500 – $3,000.

The Scope of Video is Immense

Even a short, two-minute video can deliver an immense amount of information, which is something that no other form of media can even come close to. The old saying “actions speak louder than words” has never been truer than in video marketing, as marketing videos are essentially recorded actions devised expertly to deliver specific messages to specific audiences. In that sense, video is even cost-effective, as delivering a similar amount of information via any other form of media would take a much longer time and perhaps a much bigger budget as well.

We are living in a time when people spend hours looking at electronic screens every day, and they do not nearly spend as much time reading on those screens as they do scrolling or watching interesting videos on their social media news feed. As 2019 is only going to get even more digital, excluding or even not paying sufficient attention to video marketing would be a huge mistake from every aspect.

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