How to build unique and effective communication for your photo studio?

by Mark Bailey

Photography has never been as popular as it is today. The problem is that everyone seems to think that they are the next superhero of photography, uploading pictures after pictures on their social media accounts. Therefore, the real photographers have to find ways to set themselves apart. Here are a few ideas to communicate to your potential clients.

Think Outside the Box

At a time when everyone goes digital, a great way to communicate is by going back to print. It possesses many advantages, but the most important one is probably the fact that you will always be visible; if your pictures and the quality of the print is good, of course. Think of creating stunning postcards, featuring various visuals, that you can leave in multiple boutiques in your area, for people to grab freely. They might end-up in people’s bedroom, attached to their mirror, or in the kitchen on their corkboard, so that you will always be the first one they think of, when they will need a professional photographer.

Create your Logo so that it stands out

A logo is the first thing people usually see from a company. It is important, no matter which sector of the industry one is working in, but it is especially true for photography. If your design is not perfect and eye-catching, people will come to the conclusion that your pictures will have the same issues, so they won’t call you.

Coordinate Your Image

The images on the postcards you will print should be used on your website and on your business cards as well. Try to pick the ones that really indicate what you are good at and those that show your unique style. If you are able to do that, you will attract a particular type of client, which is what you really want. Otherwise, the competition will be quite ferocious, if you just aim to take general pictures. Having your own style and featuring it everywhere you are seen, using the same pictures and always in your particular style, will enhance your communication.

Social Media

You cannot escape being present on social media. Otherwise, when people look for you and don’t find you, they’ll just move on to the next photographer on their list. Just be wise about which pictures you choose to feature online. Make sure that the ones you have been using through other media are also there, and stay away from pictures that would be too private in nature or could lend to controversy.


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