Romantic Spots for Cultured People in Glasgow

by Mark Bailey

Over a quarter of a century ago, Glasgow won the title of European City of Culture, creating a buzz around the city which had never existed before. Cultural spots appeared and Glasgow was finally considered a holiday destination for flighty Europeans. It had gained a cult following as a romantic alternative to beauty spots such as Paris and Venice.

Glasgow has a reputation for being one of Europe’s friendliest cities and it is no wonder why. With all the best bits of Edinburgh – minus a doubling in population for the summer months – great pubs, good grub and a range of hip and arty things to do, Glaswegians are the happiest of the Scots. Whilst we seem like the toughest of the bunch, real Glaswegians are soft at heart, enjoying a little bit of romantic indulgence from time to time. With dating apps making it easier to meet people with similar interests, dating in Glasgow has never been more enjoyable. Now that you can pick out from someone’s profile if they’re more Jurassic Park than Kelvingrove Park, it’s easy to judge whether to dust off your book on fine art galleries or not.

If you’re a little bit lost for words, let us take you around the best of Glasgow’s cultural spots, which might prove worthy of a romantic affair.

The Necropolis

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The Necropolis might not seem like the ideal first date spot, however the gothic architecture makes for a stunning walk. With more than 50,000 people buried at the site, it is considered one of the greatest pieces of Victorian architecture in the city and home to plenty of prolific Scots. Have a venture around and see if you can spot William Miller, the author and original Wee Willie Winkie. Unless you’re a fan of horror and spooks, you might want to leave the necropolis before dark, as ghosts have been said to roam around the Southern Necropolis.

The Stand Comedy Club

If you’re more of a laugh than horror aficionado, then The Stand Comedy Club might be more your bag than the Necropolis. Comedy makes a great date and, even if your date doesn’t enjoy the show, you’ll have seen something you love, and you know that you and your date definitely aren’t compatible. With everything from household names to comedians who are just starting out, you’ll likely find something to suit all tastes, and if you don’t, you might have to consider whether your date is really for you…

The Botanic Gardens – Kibble Palace

A visit to the Botanic Gardens is enough to get the seal of approval from any date. Take a warm, sunny day (or just head up in the rain) swing a picnic hamper over your shoulder, and spend the afternoon amongst the greenery of the gardens. The Kibble Palace was built towards the end of the reign of Queen Victoria by astronomer John Kibble. The beautiful glass structure is now an international plant house and a place of great beauty. Perfect for making your date swoon.

Glasgow isn’t the rough-and-tumble city that it used to be and there are plenty of places to escape for a romantic afternoon or evening. With something for everyone, Glasgow is becoming a hotbed of culture with an eclectic mix of activities and places to visit. Edinburgh might be the jewel in Scotland’s crown, but Glasgow is the gold that holds it all together.

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