SEO Is Not Just About Google

by Mark Bailey

You need not be penalized for thinking that SEO is all about Google. We all do. Google is the first thin that we think about when we hear the word SEO. SEO is all about how you rank in the search engine page and the visibility that you have. We are have internalized the fact that only Google is responsible for our SEO content which is not the case. A lot of times you will hear your seniors asking why your company is not ranking on Google. However, there are many search engines that you can use to increase your visibility in the online platforms. You don’t have to look very far to get these search engines that you can use daily to increase the visibility of your company online. Here are some of the search engines that are responsible for SEO rankings.


This is the second largest search engine after its mother company, Google. Statistic shave show that there are over 3 billion views every month on YouTube and you can use his traffic to increase SEO ranking of your company. Many people tend to overlook the fact that YouTube can be used as a means of branding. We are so used to the fat that only entertainment videos can be found on this platform. As a business that is seeking the best ranks in terms of SEO, you need to know how much of your target market are on YouTube trying to find your content. You can be having millions of people on YouTube yet they cannot uncover a single information about your business there. You don’t necessarily have to make long videos (they will be boring in that case). Making short explanatory and illustrative videos about your business or the products you are offering will be more than enough to sell out your content.

People are always scare of the effort it takes to create videos to be posted on YouTube and maybe the fact that your target market may never try to find your business on a video streaming platform.  Many successful businesses in the UK are using this platform to give information to their potential audience.


This is the giant of the existing social media platforms. There are new features that were introduced to promote business and you should make sure that your business is also part of this wagon. There are millions of people in this social media platform and there is no doubt that you will find your target audience searching for your content here. If your business does not have a Facebook page, then you need to create one and engage with your audience. It is one of the platforms where you can greatly increase your SEO ranking if you optimize its use well. There are also search options that make it easier for the audience to locate your business among the millions of them that exist on social media. The other social media platforms that have this option include twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest.

Voice Search

Voice search is becoming the next big thing in internet searches and giant technology companies are trying so much to offer the best voice search options. The idea really took root in 2015 as millions of people carried out voice searches of their favorite businesses. Research shows that in 2014 alone, about 41% of adults were taking part in voice searches. Google, Apple and Microsoft all have voice searches and each of these companies is introducing new features just to make sure that they are on top of the others in terms of quality and efficiency. Projections for the coming years show that voice searches will get bigger and better as time goes by since people are looking for a simpler way of getting the content they want. You can start a voice search so that your audience can easily locate your business. More languages will be incorporated in the voice search engines so as to reach many people.

Location searches

This is also one of the ways that your audience can get to know about you more. Location searches have been around for a while and they are getting better and better each day. Take for instance the Google location search, more information concerning your business will be showcased during this search as compared to when you are just using a simple web page. Having a physical location from where you are operating your business will get make you visible in UK and you will improve your business. Make sure that your business can be located in the search engines. Bing also has location searches that buyers use when they want to know where to purchase something.

Online Forums

There are many forums online where people make searches to find businesses. The search engines in the forums may be a bit different from the traditional search engines such as Google but they do help when someone is trying to get information about your business.

SEO ranking are influenced by a lot of internet options and search engines not just about Google.

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