by Mark Bailey

So if I have to give a little bit of background on our company I would say that AEG is a worldwide company with many different divisions, music, sports, specifically facilities, we operate some convention centers, so we have convention centers and arenas along with theaters and clubs around the world, including the Barclay Center in Brooklyn and the Allphones Arena in Sydney We operate stadiums in Brazil that will be part of the World Cup there.


One of our divisions is the sports side. On that side we own eight different entities and six of them we operate. The entities we operate are as follow: Hamburg Freezers, Eisbären Berlin, the Manchester Monarchs, the Amgen Tour of California, the LA Galaxy and the LA Kings. The first two are hockey teams in Germany. So what we do is we work closely with the entities we operate and really try to bring about scale and best practices to all the teams, give them a hand with some dashboarding and reporting, and really increase cooperation between all of our entities. So, I think that this is more than enough background information on AEG.

At AEG Sports, I am in charge of both analytics and database marketing for all of the teams along with aiding bridge the gap on the digital side, so basically that includes ticketing reporting, business metrics reporting, email marketing systems consulting, database marketing’s best practices and digital strategies.


Theirs is someone I’d like to thank and that some is named Dewayne. When he joined our organization he really managed to reach new heights with our digital team something which I was prepared to do all by myself. Our team really benefited from his digital media background which helped us alter the digital strategy’s landscape. We were cocky enough to say that we didn’t need to go about and look for someone brand new in order to audit our current strategy.

We though that our strategy was sound and good and what we were aiming to do is to work together as an organization even more, bring some of the departments together, hire as much analytics as we can in there to help the current analytics team I was managing. We have excellent team of people who help manage our website, our social networks and basically all of our digital platforms by taking advantage of their skills sets and their strengths. That’s why now Pat Donahue is our manager of digital media and he used to work together with Dewayne.

In all honesty, from the digital side I am helping to leverage the overall strategy of the organization. If we’re doing something such as call campaign, direct mail, email campaign, or even a database marketing slant, we always take a look at the entire picture. From a social element, what are we going to do? Do we need to add more promotion behind it through grassroots or advertising? Then we also apply the required analytics behind it.

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