by Mark Bailey

The space of contemporary interior design is very versatile. The amazing thing about incorporating pieces into your interior is that there are limitless possibilities. One of the recognizable trends today, is integrating beautiful Indian pieces into your interior. This has the ability to completely transform your space, while retaining that modern touch.

Intricate Yet Simple

Traditional Indian art is vibrant and complex. The array of colours can create harmony within any space. When going for a monochromatic theme, ideal placement of a beautiful Indian art piece can help bring that pop that works well and complements your space.

Magnificient Pieces

When it comes to furniture pieces, the creative team at Iris Furnishings suggest that a beautiful fixture helps to draw focus to any part of the room, and create a good balance. Using a vibrant piece, such as an intricately designed chest or a patterned couch, introduces a statement design into your interior. With Indian designs, there are bold and beautiful pieces to choose from.

Clocks And Mirrors

A uniquely designed clock can transform your interior, adding an artistic feel while still featuring functionality. It could represent art and still serve its purpose.

Indeed, what better way of bringing a bit of India into your interior than incorporating mirrors therein. Mirrors, like clocks, are elements which can combine functionality and art. Mirrors are reflective, and so, they are useful for giving an illusion of space and making a room appear larger than it really is. Also, one with traditional Indian designs, enhance their tastefulness, elegance and creativity in your interior. You can also buy mirrored furniture to complete the whole picture of a larger room.

Weaving The Elements In

Indian art has the power to turn the mundane into the magnificent. For that effect, weaving in elements such as carved designs, art, sculptures and paintings in bright and exciting colours goes a long way. Common prints used in India include warli or paisley (aambi). These could easily be reflected in cushion covers and the advantage is that they can always be changed if you decide on a makeover.

Antiques can also add that authentic Indian flavour. Lamps and ornaments can help give that exotic elegance. Rugs and carpets are also a good idea, and help as a starting point, with planning the general outlook of the room.


For The Pop In Your Contemporary Design

Interior design experts suggest that, when attempting to achieve a monochromatic setting, a pop of colour is necessary to take attention off the general colour theme. Accomplishing this in a stylish manner can be done by incorporating a beautiful Indian-themed painting. Modern interiors do not always appear cozy. A touch of India adds a colourful, delightful and emotive touch to your interior.

A Variety Of Patterns

Traditional Indian art is rich in patterns and colours. Modern Indian art also follows this trend, but with a Western touch. Incorporating patterns in your interior helps to create balance. With Indian designs, these patterns could be incorporated in a beautifully embellished or patterned cushion cover, an intricately designed chest or cupboard.

The character of your contemporary interior is depicted in a rich and unique way, when you bring in a bit of India.

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