Photo booth hire is the latest trend for your wedding

by Mark Bailey

Hiring photo booths for weddings is an idea that’s been catching like a bad cold in November and it’s easy to see why. A photo booth is easy to manage, fun to use, has a whole range of features and gives you an almost unlimited amount of photos. More than just a memory capturer, photo booths can be a great attraction and source of laughs for all your guests. It’s a sure fire way to have a wedding that no one will forget.

Have fun

One of the main functions of a hireable photo booth is to make photographs fun. They come with a box of props for your guests to play with that can be coordinated with your wedding theme. You get hats, wigs, sunglasses and signs which, when combined with tipsy relatives, can make for some beautiful and embarrassing photographs for you to remember your special day with. The booths also come with green screen technology to put you and your guests in front of a choice of backgrounds, so you and your guests can make your photographs as crazy or cool as you want.

Do it your way

It’s a bit hard to enjoy having your photograph taken when it’s a professional photographer that’s doing the job. Posing for twenty minutes, shuffling into the perfectly lit position, waiting for him to adjust the camera settings and holding your aching smile for an uncomfortable amount of time sometimes make wedding photography seem tedious. A photo booth, however, takes all the stress of directing and planning and lets you do things the way you want. You can retake the photos as many times as you want and get all of them printed in seconds. You can choose what the booth looks like, the background for your photographs and the layout and design of your printouts. You also have the option of recording videos in the booth, so your family don’t have to wait for the designated cameraman to approach them to make a wedding message. They can record one in the booth and then put a photo in the guestbook with a note for the bride and groom.

Get the best quality for great value

King Of The Booth, a company that provides great quality photo booth hire in London, use Canon DSLR cameras in their booths, which take incredible quality photographs that will last a very long time. They also give you complete online access to all of the photos taken in booth at no extra cost and you can download all of your photographs without any hassle. There’s also no need to haul anything or worry about setting up: the wedding package includes delivery and set up and an attended will keep an eye on the booth to make sure everything’s going to plan.

Sharing your photos

With a hired photo booth you can digital and printed copies of all of your photographs. You can also upload your gallery amazing wedding pictures onto Facebook. Every booth visit ends with a print and you also get the option of double prints, so you can take and share as many photos as you want.

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