5 Photography Trends That Will Continue To Be Popular

by Mark Bailey

As we prepare for 2017 (I know, it’s been so fast!), there are some trends that made 2016 a great year for photography, and we believe they will continue in subsequent years. Designs will escalate into a deeper focus on mediums used, complex understanding and application of colour, and connecting deeply with the moment instead of creating faux poses.

We should drop false imaginations, and actually focus on the real things that make us happy; the now.  According to photography expert Emma, of EmmaMay Weddings, professionals should break standard rules in photography and make up their own. The best way is to explore.

The following trends will continue to remain evergreen.

360 Degree Photo Angles

From the traditional style to modern methods, the new spherical cameras like Samsung Gear’s 360 and LG’s 360 Cam will capture everything around you, up, down, in front and at the back.

These 360 images can be seen with VR goggles to let you discover pictures as they truly are. Conversely, smartphone apps like Google Street View allow you to upload them and view them from all angles by rotating your phone or camera. The 360-degree photography is still in its early time and the huge files mean viewing mean slow, delayed response on devices. No doubt, it will get better with time.

Mobile Apps Over Traditional Websites

This one is more of a behavioural trend than design. As more people own smartphones and tablets, there is an increased search for businesses via mobile devices. The number of mobile apps being developed is phenomenal- both native apps (the ones you see on app stores) and web apps (shared via links, like regular websites) are easier to adopt because features such as fonts and buttons are optimised for mobile.

Hence, photographers can benefit from this by creating a mobile app for their studio and using it as an online business card to share their portfolio. Include the logo and link to your website to get many leads as well.


Flash Is Mainstream

Flash and its harsh shadows have gone mainstream. It was first seen in youth lifestyle magazines, adding a touch of edge to real moments and giving party ambiances a tangible feel. In the evenings, the lighting is usually poor and ISO is no longer a priority. This style take over the moment for all its exciting appeal.

Also, perfecting the suitable amount of direct light without spiralling things out of proportion can be more difficult than it looks. Experiment with several light sources, and you may discover welcome accidents.

Drone Photography

This is yet another trend driven by technology. Radio controlled drone camera like the DJI Phantom 4 are letting photographers capture scenes that would have normally been physically impossible or very expensive to take. Drone photography is quickly becoming part of standard professional photography. Wedding Photographers are hopping onto this trend too. It is awesome to give couples an aerial record of the wedding using a drone camera. Here’s a collection of some amazing drone shots.

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