Creative Ways to Display Digital Photography

by dcadmin

Converting your pictures into a unique art display doesn’t require a university degree in professional photography and you don’t have to whip out the credit card to get it done. This piece takes a look at simple but practical ideas to display your photographs.

Always use a mat

This is probably the best tip you will get. Get your photo’s printed using a service like DC Colour Labs.  From personal experience, they’re reasonably priced delivery promptly.  Next starting thinking about how to display the image. Buy a frame one size larger than the photo you intend to frame and add a mat. This means purchasing an 8×10 frame for a 5×7 photo and then buying a mat that has a 5×7 opening. The cost of adding a mat is not prohibitive and businesses like picture framing business Best4Frames are flexible in terms of their frames offerings.

Explore your creativity with the mats and frames

You can improve the presence of a mat or frame using a variety of items. Good examples are wrapping and contact paper as well as simple fabrics like burlap or linen. This approach is equally inexpensive and gives a new dimension to your artwork. On this topic, you can also buy inexpensive frames and then glue decorative items to their surface. Metal chain glued to the frame for example can give you an urban and modern result.

Print your photos on canvas and frame them

Having your photos printed on canvas is one of the best ways to creatively display them. There are many artistes that can help you producing stunning canvas prints of different sizes and they can be framed up to transform the decorative feel in your space.

Go classic with your picture printing

Instead of printing your pictures in the normal colours, consider printing them in any black and white variations. This is a great way to create a classic and timeless appeal for the images. You can take the photos to any copy store but if you have a soft copy of the pictures, a smartphone or tablet and a printer at home, there are lots of photo apps that can give you black and white filters for printing. Don’t forget to only use apps that won’t override the original image. Apart from providing an artistic and modern feel, this technique is equally great for making pictures that are blurry or pictures that have poor colouring to look better.

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