How to Create Video Marketing Content that Millennials Respond To

by Mark Bailey

Video marketing is one of the best ways to reach millennials – and they generally engage far more with videos than any other type of content. However to engage millennials your video marketing content needs to be tailored to the very specific nature of their demographic.

If you want to create video marketing content that millennials actually respond to, there are a few key ways to go about it:

Don’t try to ‘sell’ to millennials

Creating video marketing content that is too ‘salesy’ is out of the question, and most millennials will just blithely ignore it. The fact that millennials have been exposed to such videos most of their lives mean that it likely won’t even register to them.

Instead of creating salesy videos or attempting to hard sell, you’d be far better served with a softer approach. Put the experience of using the product or service that you’re marketing in the spotlight, and focus on what it can do, the problems it will solve, and the benefits it will provide.

Showcase your brand culture in videos

Millennials are far more likely to buy from a brand with a culture that they can get behind and support. Part of your video marketing should focus on convincing them that your brand culture is worth buying into.

That can be done through several means, including behind-the-scenes peeks into the workplace, impromptu interviews with employees, and even explainer videos. The one caveat is that any video involving your brand culture must feel authentic – or it simply won’t resonate.

Keep it short, direct, and to the point

Overall the attention span of millennials is much lower, and they aren’t going to sit around as you wax poetical about something that they don’t feel they need to be interested in. Instead of wasting their time (and yours), it would be better for you to be direct and get to the point quickly.

As you can imagine that also means that the video marketing content that you create should be short – especially on social media. The shorter and more direct it is, the more engaging the video is likely to be.

Get an expert or an authority that millennials recognize

One of the most difficult aspects of video marketing to millennials is convincing them that your brand is the real deal. To effectively accomplish that you should get an expert with the right credentials to back it up, or some other authority that millennials recognize.

In part this is the reason why influencer marketing works well among millennials. As a figure of authority if an influencer with a large following recommends your brand – more millennials are likely to buy into it.

Keep in mind that millennials are a demographic that are inundated with content and have high expectations from the videos they choose to watch. The quality of your videos must be good and they should look polished and well-edited. For example you could use Movavi Video Editor, and may even want to use it as a video collage maker to spice things up.

Make no mistake targeting millennials with video marketing will require time, planning, and no small amount of effort. That being said considering how large a demographic they are and their growing spending power – it is definitely something that you want to do.

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