Three reasons why high-quality video should be a part of your online identity

by Mark Bailey

Video has always been an exciting medium to use. The opportunity that it gives to present ideas in a dynamic way is perhaps its main benefit. While the use of video in areas such as music or the arts has always been high, business is now beginning to rely on it more. Indeed, Cisco has reported that it expects 80% of all internet traffic to be video related by 2021. When you look at it like that, it is clear to see how essential video can be to any organisation.

Why make awesome video content part of your digital plan?

Overall, digital marketing and engaging your customers online is of huge importance. As many people spend much of their time there now to shop, research services or products, and simply hang out, it means that your business needs to also. By making top-quality video a vital part of this overall online strategy, you will create a brand profile to impress.

What specific reasons are there to use high-quality video on your website or social media accounts?

  • Better engagement with the public – the simple facts are that people respond better to video content and content in general that offers visual appeal. As people get more used to being contacted in this way, they will begin to expect it more. To keep up with demand and stay relevant, it is important to be using high-quality videos within your online identity.
  • Helps to connect on a deeper level – another great reason to make video content part of your online identity is that it engages people on a much more personal level than text. Videos can help them see the person behind a brand and also feel the passion you have for your company. This, in turn, makes them far more likely to listen to what you say and do business with you.
  • Easy to track – one of the things that can be tricky with traditional content is tracking the small details of how it performs. This can then make it hard to see what needs changing or what is not working. Video eliminates this problem by giving you the freedom to see exactly what works and what does not. With video content, you can see exactly where people stopped watching or which bits they really liked.

Creating awesome video content is easy

One thing that can put off some businesses from using video is the idea that it is time-consuming, complicated and expensive to make. This is just not true at all! Products such as an online Facebook video editor deliver top-quality results while being very easy to use. Many will even be free in their most basic form with lots of optimised templates on hand to use.

Make video your new online friend today

As the above shows, there are many great reasons to start using video content online now for marketing, either on your company website, blog or social media accounts. When you do, you will love how many more people engage with it and what a great return it gives from the small amount of time invested in making it.

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