Learning the art of trading is not all complex

by Mark Bailey

From the beginning of your trading career in Forex, the journey will be very slow. You will have to learn about some of the things for the trading process. The things like the position sizing will be a must for all kind of trades. Traders will also have to learn about controlling the risks per trade for a proper ratio. For that, you will also need to make the right profit target. It must not be any more than what the trading edge can handle. All of those will be learned by the traders slowly. Many traders cannot take this fact granted for their own business. Thus, there will be many problems found in different trader’s working process. We are here with some proper tips for the right trading business. In this article, we will try to make the most out of the novice trader. They are the most sufferer with all kind of strategies for the trading business.

Start with simple risks and profit margins

Every trades of your will show a ratio. It will be based on the risks per trades and the profit margins per trades. So, you will have to work for making the most out of your account for a well-reputed ratio, right? It is not good for the traders to try hard for a proper risk to profit margin. They will not be able to do that with their own business. Instead, the executions of the trades will be poor. Who knows, most of your trades may come out negative instead of a 4R or 5R of the investment. So, do not try too much for the trading business to make a lot of money from the beginning. Use very little risks per trades (about 3 to 5 percent of the account balance) and aim for a decent ratio like 1:2 at the beginning of the trading career.

Learning from your mistakes

New trader in the United Kingdom often think the Forex market is rigged. If you do some research you will understand this is the most transparent business sector you can ever imagine. If you can place the perfect trade in your online trading account, you can easily make huge profit within investing big sum of money. At the initial stage, you will always make some mistakes. Never become frustrated after losing the trades. Consider it as your learning opportunity. Always make sure you are not risking more than 2% of your account balance.

Use most of the demo trading account

It does not mean that you will have to maintain the trading business with mild setup and aims. With time, you will have to improve the performance of the trading business. Only then the business quality will be improving. But for that, you will have to improvise all of those things which we mentioned in the introduction of this article. The position sizing and the market analysis process will have to be the most important thing for the traders to improve. But, do not use the live trading account for improving them with experiments. Try to go sideways and use the demo account for learning some advanced stuff like the Fibonacci tool.

Never experiment until you are a pro trader

Many traders try to modify themselves with the markets of their choice. With the change in volatility, they change their own profit targets and the position sizing. Their expectations stay on the side of making the right market analysis. The actual result from that happens poorly with the traders because inconsistency never helps the traders to make the proper performance. You will not be able to stay on track with that kind of planning. So, the experiments will have to be kept aside for the pro level of your own trading performance. The unprocessed trades will also need to be kept aside.

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